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«EVS Midterm Evaluation, 5-9 May 2019»

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01 . 04 . 2019
5 Mai 2019 - 9 Mai 2019
Jud. Brasov, Brașov, to be decided
Event type
Eveniment SEV
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The following form must be filled in by the EVS volunteers hosted in a Romanian project for more than 6 months.

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MidTerm Evaluation takes place at the middle of the EVS service and it lasts, on average, for three days.
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I agree that, if I will be selected for participation, I fully understand and I assume the obligation of my active and constant participation during the entire session. Also, I am fully responsible for any damage that I may cause during lodging and I know that in case of incident(s)/damage(s) caused, the hosting/coordinating organisation has the full right to request me for financial reimbursement!

Moreover, in accordance with the content of the "EVS Charter" provisions and "ERASMUS+ EVS Volunteering agreement", document that I declare to read and sign before my enrollment, I am aware of the fact that the receiving organisation is also contractually responsible toward the hosting National Agency for any consequences generated by my behavior during the participation of the EVS session!